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The Film Commissioner of Belize is an honorary appointment by the Prime Minister of Belize.

The Office of the Film Commission is facilitated by the National Institute of Culture and History through the Film and Media Arts Unit in the Institute of Creative Arts which oversees the permitting process and functions as the official government liaison for filming activities in Belize.

Since his Sept 2008 appointment by the Prime Minister of Belize to be Belize's 2nd Film Commissioner, Nigel P. Miguel has been working closely with the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) to set up the Belize Film Commission through which all requests for filming activities in Belize are now to be processed.

"The role of the Film Commissioner is to establish a foundation that will promote the film industry locally and abroad," said Miguel, "As Film Commissioner, I will be pushing the Government of Belize and the private sector to further develop our Film Industry and build the infrastructure so that we will be able to provide some of the services that will allow foreign filmmakers to complete their productions in the country."

"We believe that Belize, with its exquisite and virgin landscape, offers the kind of shooting scenarios that a filmmaker would need to make his film a stunning success," wrote Prime Minister Barrow in Miguel's appointment letter. "This is an exciting assignment and will no doubt prove rewarding as we work together to develop the film potential of Belize."


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