Government House

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Government House"A flight of steps under a columned portico leads to the front door; inside a plush red carpet stretches down the hall to a great mahogany staircase, and beyond here doors open onto a back porch, overlooking the sea. On the grounds, the carefully restored SEA KING, the tender of Baron Bliss's yacht of the same name, stands as testimony to the skill of Belizean boat builders." - The Rough Guide to Belize. 2007.

Welcome to the Government House/ House of Culture! 

Established as a House of Culture in 1999 and located in Belize City, the Government House is one of Belize's most important political and historical landmarks. For over 150 years, it was the seat of colonial government and the private residence for a series of Superintendents, Lieutenant Governors and Governors sent from Great Britain,  as well as the first Governor-General of an independent Belize. In the 1820's several Miskito Kings were crowned at St. John's Cathedral with their receptions being held at Government House. Later on in 1834 the Emancipation of the slaves was observed here on lawn with much fanfare. On September 21, 1981 the Union Jack was lowered and the Belize flag was raised for the first time also on GH lawn.

In 1998, this colonial building was opened to the public by the government of Belize and renamed the "House of Culture" transforming it into a vibrant community centre which welcomes all residents and visitors to Belize City for social and cultural events.  The House of Culture rents its space.  For more information call: 227-3050.


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