Cerro Maya

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Cerros (Cerro Maya) – “Maya Hill”    (43 acres)cerros

With a Spanish name that translates to “Maya Hill”, Cerro Maya is located on a peninsula across from the town of Corozal and in the Bay of Chetumal.  Archaeological research at the site suggests that it functioned as an important coastal trading center during the Late Preclassic Period (c.a 350 B.C. to A.D. 250). Its tallest temple rises 21 meters above the plaza floor and overlooks the Caribbean Sea which has been steadily eroding numerous prehistoric buildings along the north coast of the site. 


Cerros (as it is locally referred to) can be reached by a short boat ride from Corozal Town. Boats can be hired in town from your hotel guest services. Additionally one can drive to Cerros by road passing such picturesque, lagoon side, villages as Chunox, Progresso and Copper Bank.

This site is located within an area of extensive wetlands, therefore, it is advisable to use insect repellant and, if possible, long sleeve shirts and trousers.

Opening Hours

365 days in the year from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Fees & reservations

Belizeans: BZD $5.00
Non-Belizeans: $10.00 
Belizeans enter FREE on Sundays and Public and Bank Holidays

School Groups, Government officials need to contact the IA office prior to their visit for official Pass for this site.


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