Poots Titiman

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altMábuiga (Hello)

Peter “Poots” “Titiman” Flores is a man of average height, but sizeable personality. 

Peter Flores was born in Dangriga Town in 1955.  Dangriga is thought by many Belizeans to be the home of the Garifuna community and its creative and cultural core.  Dangriga however, for the Garifuna that live there was a serene respite from years of political and racial turmoil that had eventually forced them to flee to Belize.  A first meeting with “Poots” will convince you that you have found a man that is well aware of his history, and if you should ask him to speak about it, watch as his eyes widen, communicating amiability as well as a profound passion and conviction for his heritage - it is both riveting and inspiring.

Flores considers himself a roots musician, adopting the name “Poots” and “Titiman”, but even off stage, he carries with him the traits of a true entertainer, with a warm ready smile, an engaging visage and a distinctly cultured voice.  “Titiman” is proud of his Garifuna culture - that is clear - but he is also very avid about addressing issues that affect not only the Garifuna community, but Belizeans as a whole.  Having lived in Orange Walk Town for a while, Poots became rather fluent in Spanish.  His music is steeped with his experiences as a farmer, a fisherman, and a boat builder.  His ability to speak Spanish and his desire to inspire and entertain the Belizean masses has led him to include a variety of musical influences into the music he creates.  “Titiman” in addition to producing music that is culturally consistent with Garifuna values and aesthetic tastes has also made his music accessible to the masses through Punta Rock, Paranda and Cumbia.

After endearing himself to the Belizean public, “Titiman” is well on his way to engaging the international audience.  He has travelled throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America, each time performing to eager audiences.  “Titiman” has written over 100 popular songs in various genres and to date, has 7 cd’s to his credit, but to separate the man from the entertainer, Peter Flores, from birth, has absorbed and radiates a great respect for his heritage as well as those of others.  In parting, “Titiman” was gracious and spoke freely and amiably about the possibility of returning on a future date to talk about – what else but culture of course.  

Ayó (Goodbye)

He can be contacted at:
Cell: 602-2099 or
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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