The Belize Music and Entertainment Industry Development Initiative

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The National Institute of Culture and History through the Institute of Creative Arts is embarking on a new project entitled “Belize Music and Entertainment Industry Development Initiative.” This project will provide music and entertainment industry consultation, entertainment business training, and delivery of a strategic plan for further development of the Belize music and entertainment sector.

The aim of the project includes: • Raise the awareness level of music and entertainment business both nationally and internationally. • Set standards and suggest structures necessary to address challenges faced by industry practitioners in the areas of representation, product and services development, promotion and distribution. • Secure greater levels of participation by Belizeans in the regional and global music and entertainment markets. •

The project will be delivered the following four phases: • A consultation visit for meetings and review of existing initiatives reports and plans relevant to music and entertainment industry development in Belize. • The preparation and delivery by the Consultant of a 3-day creative industries business development training with emphasis on the music and entertainment sector. • The preparation and delivery by the Consultant of a Strategic Plan for further development of the Belize music and entertainment industry. • A follow-up evaluation and assessment mission by the Consultant, twelve months after delivery of the Strategic Plan.

Lloyd Stanbury is the consultant working on the project, he is a Jamaican music industry professional with a wide range of nternational experience. His expertise includes the practice of entertainment law, artist management, music production, event promotion, research, creative industries policy development, and lecturing. He started his journey in the business of music in 1983 as a concert promoter in Jamaica, and was instrumental in the establishment of the worlds first all Reggae radio station IRIE FM in 1990. He has organized many music events, and was chairman for 4 years of the Caribbean Music Expo convention and trade fair.

As a consultant he has conducted research and rendered music business training     services in collaboration with entities, such as the Government of Jamaica, the          


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