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About ISCR

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Mission Statement:

The ISCR is envisioned as a vehicle for promoting, retrieving, supervising, documenting and carrying out historical, social, cultural and anthropological research for educational purposes as well as for social planning and human resources development.

General Objectives:

  • Conduct, supervise and publish research on the socio-economic, socio-political and socio-cultural aspect of Belizean culture
  • Focus on educating Belizeans on history, social and cultural dynamics of Belize
  • Encourage local collaboration and the promotion of social and cultural groups
  • International collaboration and
  • To develop a foundation plan for funding local organizations

Legal Mandate

In accordance with the NICH ACT Chapter 331 [2000], the functions of the Institute for Social and Cultural Research are as follows:
  • Conduct and supervise the carrying out of historical, socio-economic, cultural and anthropological research
  • Publish and disseminate such research both in Belize and abroad;
  • Collect and catalogue any and all social and cultural research on Belize;
  • Train researchers, both in Belize and elsewhere
  • Hold symposia, seminars and workshops in furtherance of its duties under this Act;
  • Undertake joint research projects with local and other regional and international organizations; and
  • Establish a unit for research of languages used in Belize and for language training.

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