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The Museum of Belize

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MOB"FORMER PRISON NOW SAFEGUARDS TREASURES… built in 1857, Her Majesty's Prison housed hapless criminals until 2002 when it was converted to a museum…with all the rich heritage inside, it would be a crime to miss it." ~ Destination Belize 2007

The goals identified in The Museum of Belize's Mission Statement are met through the following program objectives: planning, policy, marketing, and outreach via our lecture series, exhibitions, tours and art classes.

This is done by encouraging Belizean students and visitors to tour the museum and attend the ongoing lecture series.

At The Museum of Belize (MOB) we are dedicated to the collection, preservation and exhibition of objects of scientific, historical or artistic interest.
  • Come see the earliest stamp of Belize depicting Queen Victoria (1837).
  • Walk into a well-preserved jail cell and feel like an inmate.
  • View the lovely Buenavista Vase that depicts the mythical Maya Hero Twins dancing in victory over the Lords of Xibalba.
  • ...all this and more on exhibit at the Museum of Belize in Belize City.
The Museum of Belize is divided into:


Featured Exhibit

All Aboard: Belize in Motion through the Years From dugout canoes of the ancient Maya, to pit-pans and riverboats, from railways for logging to the More...