2017 BAS Schedule at a Glance

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2017 BAAS Schedule at a Glance 0012017 BAAS Schedule at a Glance 002

WEDNESDAY  28  JUNE  2017 
7:30am ? 8:30am  REGISTRATION 
8:30am ? 9:00am 
Lisa J. Lucero and Jean T. Larmon  Seng the Stage in 
Central Belize: 30,000 Years of Tropical Climate, Landscape
Transformaon, and Human Interacon 
9:00am ? 9:30am 
Jon Spenard, Michael Mirro, George J. Michele, and  
Terry G. Powis  Pacbitun Paparazzi: Digital Archaeology 
at a Pre?Hispanic Maya City 
9:30am ? 10:00am 
Anabel Ford and Sherman Horn III  What is a Ceramic 
Assemblage: Chronology and Inventory of the Ancient Maya  
10:00am ? 10:30am  COFFEE  BREAK 
10:30am ? 11:00am 
Keith M. Prufer, Mark Robinson, and Douglas Kenne   
New Evidence for Early Humans in Belize 
11:00am ? 11:30am 
Erin E. Ray, Holley Moyes, and Linda Howie  Plastered: Cave
Construcon at Las Cuevas 
11:30am ? 12:00noon 
Max Seidita, Diane Z. Chase, and Arlen F. Chase  Chetumal’s
Dragonglass: Postclassic Obsidian Producon and Exchange 
at Santa Rita Corozal, Belize 
12:00noon ? 1:30pm  LUNCH 
1:30pm ? 2:00pm 
Jean T. Larmon and Lisa J. Lucero  Where the Ceremonial 
Circuit Begins: The Eastern Pools of Cara Blanca, Belize 
2:00pm ? 2:30pm 
Valerie Feathers, Heather McKillop, and E. Cory Sills   
Subsistence Analyses of an Underwater Ancient Maya Shell
Midden at Eleanor Bey 
2:30pm ? 3:00pm 
Norbert Stanchly and Chrissina Burke  Preclassic Animal 
Resource Use and the Origins of Ancient Maya Lifeways and
Society: Contribuons from Belize Zooarchaeology 
3:00pm ? 3:30pm  COFFEE  BREAK 
3:30pm ? 4:00pm 
Chrissina C. Burke, Kae K. Tappan, Gavin B. Wisner, and 
Jaime J. Awe  Ritual Use of Animals in Ancient Maya Mortuary
Contexts: Results of Faunal Analysis from the Xunantunich
4:00pm ? 4:30pm 
Leah McCurdy, M. Kathryn Brown, and Neil Dixon   
Tagged Walls: The Discovery of Ancient Maya Gra? at 
El Casllo, Xunantunich 
4:30pm ? 5:00pm 
Jason Yaeger, M. Kathryn Brown, Bernadee Cap, and  
Michael Petrozza  Defensive Features and Warfare Events 
in Belize’s Mopan Valley 
THURSDAY  29  JUNE  2017 
7:30am ? 8:30am  REGISTRATION 
8:30am ? 9:00am 
Terry G. Powis, George Michele, Kaitlin Crow, and  
Je? Powis  Invesgang the Development of Sociopolical
Complexity in the Middle Preclassic at Pacbitun, Belize 
9:00am ? 9:30am 
Arlen F. Chase and Diane Z. Chase  Changing Maya Society?:
The Protoclassic at Caracol, Belize and in the Maya Area 
9:30am ? 10:00am 
Borislava Simova, E. Chrisan Wells, David Mixter, and  
Lisa LeCount  Reconstrucng Preclassic Maya Ritual Acvity:
Archaeological and Geochemical Analysis of E?Group Structure
Floors at Actuncan, Belize 
10:00am ? 10:30am  COFFEE  BREAK 
10:30am ? 11:00am 
M. Kathryn Brown, Zoe Rawski, Victoria Ingalls, and  
Alessandra Villareal  The Ritual Landscape of Early 
11:00am ? 11:30am 
Claire E. Ebert and Jaime J. Awe  Maya Household Economies
and the Origins of Inequality at Cahal Pech, Belize 
11:30am ? 12:00noon 
Bernadee Cap, Jason Yaeger, and M. Kathryn Brown   
The Natural and Social Factors that Shaped Ancient Maya
Selement Paerns in the Mopan Valley, from Preclassic 
to Postclassic
12:00noon ? 1:30pm  LUNCH 
1:30pm ? 2:00pm 
W. James Stemp, Jaime J. Awe, M. Kathryn Brown, and 
James F. Garber  Rock Boom: The Earliest Maya Lithic 
Technology at Cahal Pech and Blackman Eddy, Cayo District,
2:00pm ? 2:30pm 
James L. Fitzsimmons  Cuello and its Preclassic Heritage: 
Results of the 2017 Season of the Classic Cuello Archaeological
2:30pm ? 3:00pm 
Adrian S. Z. Chase, Diane Z. Chase, and Arlen F. Chase   
Situang Preclassic Interments at Santa Rita Corozal, Belize 
3:00pm ? 3:30pm  COFFEE  BREAK 
3:30pm ? 4:00pm 
Laura J. Kosakowsky, Kerry L. Sagebiel, and Duncan C. Pring  
Long Ago but Not Forgoen: The Early Middle Preclassic 
Swasey Ceramic Sphere of Nothern Belize 
4:00pm ? 4:30pm 
Fred Valdez, Jr.  Early Maya Civilizaon in the Three Rivers
4:30pm ? 5:00pm 
Bre A. Houk  The Preclassic Foundaons of the Acropolis 
at Chan Chich, Belize 
FRIDAY  30  JUNE  2017 
7:30am ? 8:30am  REGISTRATION 
8:30am ? 9:00am 
Heather McKillop  Spaal Paerning of Ancient Acvies 
Associated with Ancient Maya Wooden Buildings at the
Paynes Creek Salt Works, Now Underwater 
9:00am ? 9:30am 
Meaghan Peuramaki Brown, Shawn Morton,  
Crisna Oliviera, and Kelsey Pennanen  “Some Lessons Can’t
Be Taught, They Simply Have to be Learned”: Experiences from
Archaeological Survey and Tesng at Alabama, Stann Creek 
9:30am ? 10:00am 
E. Cory Sills  The Organizaon of Salt Producon at the
Placencia Lagoon Salt Works, Belize 
10:00am ? 10:30am  COFFEE  BREAK 
10:30am ? 11:00am 
Geo?rey Braswell, Andrew Somerville, and Chrisan M. 
Prager  Bioarchaeological Research at Pusilha, Belize: 
The Life and Death of King K’ak’ U...K’awil 
11:00am ? 11:30am 
Sco Simmons and Tracie May?eld  The Integraon of Island
and Mainland Maya Communies: The View from Ambergris
Caye, Belize 
11:30am ? 12:00noon 
James F. Garber, Heath Bentley, Lauren A. Springs, and  
Lauren Sullivan  Napoleonic Shakos, Michael Jackson, 
and the Order of the Garter: West Indian Regiments on 
St. George’s Caye 
12:00noon ? 1:30pm  LUNCH 
1:30pm ? 2:00pm 
Eleanor Harrison?Buck, Mark Willis, Satoru Murata, and  
Jessica Craig  Invesgang Ancient Maya Selement and 
Wetland Features around Crooked Tree, Belize: Excavaons
and Aerial Mapping with Drones 
2:00pm ? 2:30pm 
Rissa M. Trachman  Courtly Scenes and New Landscapes: 
Insights into Social, Economic, and Ritual Behaviour at the 
Ancient City of Dos Hombres 
2:30pm ? 3:00pm 
Kerry L. Sagebiel and Helen R. Haines  “Fools Make Feasts,
and Wise Men Eat Them”: Interpreng Problemac “Smash
and Trash Deposits” at Ka’kabish, Belize 
3:00pm ? 3:30pm  COFFEE  BREAK 
3:30pm ? 4:00pm 
Cynthia Robin, Laura J. Kosakowsky, Kacey Grauer, and  
Zachary Nissen  Community Archaeology at Aventura: 
Archaeology about Communies and Archaeology for 
4:00pm ? 4:30pm 
Jaime J. Awe, Christophe Helmke, Doug Tilden, and  
Diane Slocum  Let’s Talk of Graves, Eccentrics and Epitaphs:
The Socio?Polical Implicaons of Recent (2016) Discoveries 
at Xunantunich, Belize 

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