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About MOB

The Museum Of Belize oversees all Houses of Culture mostly as it relates to Education and Exhibits.


Enhancing our cultural and historical heritage.

Mission Statement

The Houses of Culture are envisioned as dynamic, creative community centres where neighbours, residents and students can come together to learn, teach, and pursue their favourite cultural activity. H.O.C. will work with children, youth, adults, and senior citizens as well as with the physically impaired, in the fields of music, literature, dance, drama and the plastic arts. H.O.C. will conduct activities at health centre, disability centres, and homes for children and senior citizens using schools as the most important centre.  Activities at the House of Culture are meant to inspire and uplift all through the various cultural areas.



The goals identified in the mission statement are met through the following program objectives: Planning, Policy, Marketing, Outreach, Exhibitions, Activities, Tours, and Art Classes.

Legal Mandate

National Institute of Culture and History Act, Chapter 331 of the Subsidiary Laws of Belize 2000.