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About NICH


The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) is a statutory body which seeks to encourage Belizeans and persons interested in Belize to better understand our historic and ethnic roots and instill pride in ourselves about our country’s   unique heritage and shared national identity.

Departments of NICH:
logo Institute of Creative Arts (ICA) is the catalyst for creative, artistic and professional excellence in Belize. It supports dance, music, theater, visual arts and creative writing.
995424_10151448595086856_1355123349_n Institute for Social & Cultural Research (ISCR) aims to promote, retrieve, supervise, document and carry out historical, social, cultural and anthropological research for education purpose, social planning and human resource development.
23231213_10156933406889966_3292395000651047680_n Institute of Archaeology (IA) protects, preserves and promotes the rich cultural heritage of our country. Through research, education, planning, policy and marketing, we effectively manage all archaeological and cultural resources in the country.
Museum of Belize logo no background Museum of Belize (MOB) is dedicated to the promotion, documentation, exhibition and understanding of Belize’s culture and history.

Houses of Cultures (HOC‘s) are dynamic community centers that are meant to inspire and uplift all through the various cultural areas.