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Your contributions to NICH help us to support and sustain a wide range of artistic, cultural and educational activities that aim to preserve, exhibit and retrieve Belize’s cultural heritage. Besides our annual programs, NICH supports festivals and other cultural activities organized by cultural groups and communities nationwide in order to enrich Belize’s cultural outputs.

There are several ways you can assist NICH to carry out its work. You can contribute financially or volunteer your time.


Monies contributed to NICH can be given by an individual or corporation to support all NICH activities or the programs of a specific Institute or Building. Monies contributed to NICH should have payments made out to NICH or National Institute of Culture and History. To find out more information and if your donation can be tax deductible please .contact us.


NICH welcomes all volunteers wishing to participate in the advancement of culture in Belize. You can volunteer in three categories:

  1. Full time Volunteer (for specific programs)
  2. Part Time Volunteer (for specific hours or days in the week on a regular basis) and
  3. Internships

To volunteer, please contact the Director of the Institute or department you wish to work in directly.