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Education & Outreach


Education & Outreach

We have designed several exhibits to inform students and the general public about Belize’s history and culture. These can be viewed at your nearby House of Culture and schools upon request. We are happy to provide information, share resources, and deliver presentations on social, cultural and historical topics. Furthermore, we are able to provide references to individuals and groups that are able to provide presentations on specialized topics.

Past Workshops

Audiovisual industry workshops during the Belize International Film Festival (BIFF)

  • Lighting Basics
  • The Craft of Documentary Storytelling
  • Lighting, Grip and Camera
  • Editing with Final Cut and Mac
  • Props and Art Department

Creative Writing Class for Youths in Belmopan

  • Summer Arts Institute (August)

Past Competitions

  • Creative Writing Competition
  • Stageplay Competition
  • National Festival of Arts