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Exhibition & Distribution

Community Screenings

The Film and Media Arts Unit organizes two six weeks cycles of films to be screened countrywide. These screenings are usually coordinated in the various districts through the ICA Coordinator, however schools or other community groups can contact us to organize special screenings through the CONTACT ICA form available on this website.

Films shown are drawn from a selection of:

  • Belizean made films
  • and films originally screened in Belize as part of the
  • Belize International Film Festival and the
  • Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase

International Screenings

While not done as yet, the Film and Media Arts Unit – starting in 2010 – intends to annually select a collection of Belizean made films to be screened outside the country. This representative selection of Belizean productions will initially be coordinated through our Diplomatic Missions abroad, however Associations interested in Belizean culture thorough films are welcome to also contact us to organize special screenings through the CONTACT ICA form available on this website.