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Film & Media Arts

In September of 2008 NICH established the Film and Media Arts Unit to replace the Video Unit that had previously existed.

The Audio-Visual – which for us encompasses the term “film” – is the newest discipline to be embraced at the Institute of Creative Arts. In Belize we use this term to refer to: filmmaking, documentary filmmaking, TV Commercials, Music Videos, television shows, television news and infomercials amongst others.

The players in Belize’s audiovisual industry are both in front of and behind the camera. Onscreen these include actors, tv reporters and studio anchors. Behind the camera, audiovisual professionals fall into any of the following categories: script or screenwriters, producers (executive, line or field), directors, director of photography and camera operators, grip and electrical technicians, sound recordists, editors, music composers, sound mixers and production assistants.

The Film and Audiovisual industry also offers opportunity to providers of peripheral services which include but are not limited to: vehicle, boat or helicopter rentals, hotels, catering services, specialized equipment rental and insurance.