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How to Apply

The following steps outline the online application process for the Cultural Development Fund 2019-2020. Applications are processed through the central application portal


  1. Define your Project

The first step to applying is defining the project.  Determine the objective, participants, a complete and detailed budget including individual or group’s contribution, date(s) of event or period of program and banking information in the name of individual, committee or organization.

*You can apply for one project per application and up to two (2) in a 12 month period.

  1. Check Entry Requirements & Guidelines

Once you’ve decided on the project for which you’d like to apply, check cycle dates to determine your eligibility.  All questions must be adequately addressed in your application.  Consult your nearest House of Culture or email if you have any questions.

General entry requirements include:

  • proof of Citizenship i.e. Social Security Number, Passport Number
  • copy of Certificate of Incorporation for organizations
  • copy of Certificate of Registration for organizations
  • bank account in the name of organization or invoice for services rendered or product in relation to project


  1. Apply Online

The application will include two steps:

Step 1.

Cultural Workers Register Form  or  Organization Workers Register Form (accessed through during each application period)

Step 2.

Cultural Development Form (accessed through during each application period)

Please carefully read and review your application to ensure you have met all the requirements prior to submission.

  1. Wait to Receive Notification of Approval

After the cycle deadline passes, your application will undergo a selection procedure determined by the National Institute of Culture & History and based on various criteria such as

  1. Fit with the NICH’s Mission, Vision, Values and Investment Areas                        
  2. Capacity

Clear mission, vision and strategy. Strong track record of service to the community. Sound financial management.                                                 


3. Soundness of Project

Project reflects knowledge of the field, target populations and the local community. Results are concrete, measurable, realistic and sustainable. Appropriate budget.                                                                                   


  1. Potential for Impact

The  goals and outcomes should project an impact leading to the development and promotion of a dynamic cultural sector. The sustainability of the project should contribute long term-benefits.

  5. Completeness of Application 

All required fields and detailed budget are critical for your project to be considered in its totality. All of these will influence the outcome of your application.

You will receive your result – the Notification of Selection Results – from

As the application process can be lengthy, you should apply as soon as you have defined your project.