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Marco Gonzales

Marco Gonzalez (approx. 14 acres)

This is the largest site on Ambergris Caye. Located about 2 miles south of San Pedro Town, Marco Gonzales has at least 53 buildings, made of stone, shell, or a combination of both. There is a central plaza and several small courtyards about.

Marco Gonzales 3Marco Gonzalez has a long history of occupation, with ceramics sherds found at the site, dating to the Late Preclassic, as early as 100 BC. While the site was abandoned for use as a trading post by A.D 1300, due to the encroaching mangroves of the area.

The ancient Maya never left Ambergris Caye, relocating to where present day San Pedro Town is, becoming a thriving Post Classic centre, with evidence of colonial contact.

In 2010 the site was declared a reserve and can now be visited and plans are already made for a Visitors Center/ Educational Center to be built to showcase the history of Marco Gonzalez.