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IA Staff

The Management

Dr. John Morris – Director

Dr. Allan Moore – Associate Director, Research and Education

Brian Woodye – Associate Director, Policy, Planning and Marketing

George Thompson – Associate Director, Parks Management

Research and Education

Antonio Beardall – Archaeologist

Josue Ramos – Archaeologist

Sylvia Batty – Archaeologist

Jorge Can – Conservator

Paul Smith – Research Assistant

Melissa Badillo – Archaeologist (Study leave)

Rafael Guerra – Archaeologist (Study leave)

Parks Management

Mauricio Alvarado – Sub-director

Jimmy Valdez – Sub-director

David Griffith – Mechanical Technician

Enrique Itza – Construction Technician

Nathaniel Castillo – Intern


Delsia Marsden РAdministrative  Assistant

Sigourney Allen – Receptionist