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Who can apply for funding?

Individuals who are seeking financial and or technical assistance greater than $500.00 and are registered with NICH as cultural workers and are listed as any of the following:

  • musician
  • singer
  • researcher
  • publisher
  • writer
  • craft person
  • film maker
  • designer
  • promoter

Organizations that are seeking financial and or technical assistance greater than $1000.00 and are legally registered and who are also registered with NICH and are listed as a:

  • national cultural organization
  • community based cultural organization
  • art gallery
  • community museum 
  • creative industry association
  • recording studio
  • film production company
  • promotion company

NOTE: Kindly take note that these lists are not exhaustive. Any individual or organization promoting culture through tangible or intangible methods is encouraged to apply.

For what purposes can an application be made?

Priority will be given to the following areas.

  • Activities for the safeguarding of Belize’s intangible (living heritage) cultural heritage may apply for either technical and or financial assistance. Priority is given to cultural elements that are endangered or at risk of being lost.
  • Activities which are geared toward language revitalization and transmission.
  • Activities for the teaching and transmission of the creative arts including: visual (painting, sculpting, photography, literary (writing and publishing), performance (dance, drama, music) and audiovisual (film and animation).
  • Activities which are geared toward the development and the professionalization of creative artists and cultural workers.
  • Activities which focus on capacity-building, education, economic growth and sustainable development in culture and history.
  • Activities for the development and professionalization of festivals.
  • Activities geared toward research and presentation on areas of study related to Belize’s culture and history.

Priority will be given to activities which focus on:

  • dialogue and exchange among various age groups
  • youth participation
  • gender equity
  • engagement of older citizens
  • cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration