Molding the Arts in Excellence

Institute of Creative Arts

The Institute of Creative Arts (ICA-NICH) aims to foster a vibrant cultural ecosystem where creative expression thrives, talent is nurtured, and the cultural and creative industries drive social and economic advancement, actively contributing to national development goals.


Motto: Molding the Arts in Excellence

Mission: The Institute of creative Arts is dedicated to nurturing creative expression, supporting the development of artists, and promoting Belize’s diverse cultures. Through innovative programs, collaborative partnerships, and the creation of platforms, we cultivate an enabling environment for the advancement of the creative arts, driving both economic and social transformation.  

Legal mandate: National Institute of Culture and History Act, Chapter 331 of the subsidiary Laws of Belize 2000, Revised Edition 2020.  

Institute of Creative Arts Units

Programs Unit

The Programs Unit drives the implementation of ICA's diverse initiatives, ensuring each resonates with the organization's artistic ethos. With meticulous planning and execution, they bring ICA's vision to life, enriching the cultural landscape and fostering community connections.

Videography Team

The Video Graph Team expertly captures and enhances visual narratives, extending the reach of ICA's programs while also supporting NICH's creative endeavors. Their creative flair and technical prowess elevate each project, from exhibition showcases to artist interviews, with authenticity and impact.

Bliss Team

Behind the scenes, the Bliss Team ensures seamless event operations at the theater, orchestrating every detail for unforgettable experiences. Their proactive approach and attention to detail guarantee precision and grace in every aspect, leaving a lasting impression on guests and performers alike.

Fostering Creativity and Empowering Artists

The Bliss Centre

The Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts is a versatile venue that hosts a wide range of events, from art exhibits to public gatherings. It is home to esteemed dance companies such as the Modern Dance Movement and the Belize National Dance Company. Additionally, the ICA-NICH Offices are located within the Bliss Centre, making it a vibrant cultural hub. Designed to support artists, engage audiences, and cultivate a dynamic arts community, the Bliss Centre advances the appreciation and understanding of contemporary art while
significantly contributing to the cultural enrichment of society.

Art Exhibit

The ICA-NICH hosts a variety of art exhibits
throughout the year, showcasing diverse themes and talents.
Our exhibitions include “Women in Art,” highlighting the contributions of female artists, “People and Places,” capturing
the essence of human experiences and landscapes, and the renowned “National Festival of Art Exhibit,” featuring works
from celebrated artists across the country, to name just a few.

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Dance is a reflection of our heritage, our stories, and our unity as a nation. From the exuberant movements of children at our National Festival of Arts, to the diverse performances of our different dance companies, to the traditional dances passed down through generations of each culture, each step embodies the resilience and spirit of our people. 

Let us continue to embrace the inclusion of dance in education and cherish this art form that has weathered a global pandemic and continues to be a testament to the endurance of cultural heritage. 

The soul-stirring rhythms of Bredda David serve as the backdrop for our video. Indeed, “We Come a Long Way”.  

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