Enhancing Belize’s Historical and Cultural Heritage

Museum of Belize & Houses of Culture

The Museum of Belize and Houses of Culture (MOB/HOCs – NICH) are dedicated to the promotion, documentation, and preservation of Belize’s cultural heritage.


Museum of Belize and Houses of Culture

Motto: “Enhancing Belize’s Historical and Cultural Heritage”

Mission:  The Museum of Belize and Houses of Culture (MOB/HOCs – NICH) are dedicated to the promotion, documentation, exhibition and understanding of Belize’s culture and history.

Legal mandate: National Institute of Culture and History Act, Chapter 331 of the subsidiary Laws of Belize 2000, Revised Edition 2020.  

Highlighted Exhibits

The Museum houses two floors of permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Enslaved: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in Belize

This educational exhibition launched on August 1st, 2016 commemorates the physical freedom of those enslaved within the Anglo-Caribbean.

The People’s Display

The Bottles, Currency and Antiques featured within this permanent exhibit provokes nostalgia of Belize during its formative years.

Prison Cell Display

The single remaining Prison cell, provides visitors with a glimpse into the lifestyle of its housed inmates. It also explains the process of execution and displays instruments of punishment/execution.

The Art of Pen Cayetano

This superb art exhibition was debuted to commemorate the Museum's milestone 20th Anniversary. Pen Cayetano, a celebrated Belizean Visual Artist, Artisan and Cultural Ambassador, captures an array of cultural themes and styles within his artistic evolution.

The Lydia Waight Gallery of Birds

This exhibition is featured as the Museum’s second Natural Science exhibition, was the result of a collaboration with the Belize Audubon Society in 2019. The display features thirty (30) of Belize’s Bird species and was curated by Dr. Stephen Zizter.

Museum of Belize & Houses of Culture

What is the Museum of Belize & Houses of Culture

The Belize Museum, housed in the historic Belize City, is a
cultural treasure trove that offers a deep dive into the nation’s rich history and diverse heritage. The museum’s exhibits
encompass a broad range of artifacts, including Maya artifacts, African history, colonial relics, and cultural displays that highlight the multifaceted history of Belize.

The Houses of Culture (HOCs) managed by the Museum of
Belize are envisioned as dynamic, creative community centres where neighbours, residents and students can come together to learn, teach and pursue their favourite cultural activity. Each House of Culture offers a variety of programs tailored to the unique needs of communities including workshops, exhibitions, educational tours, performances, art displays and festivals. From summer arts programs, rhythm and dance workshops, Noche de Cuenta Cuentos, Posadas, Full Moon Concerts, Evenings of Painting, Night Markets, Pop Up Shops, Stilts Walking and Origami workshops, to the infamous Sawdust Tapestry Projects of the West to the renown Benque Marimba Academy, Houses of Culture are making an impact in Belize. 

Our Houses of Culture activities are designed to engage the community and foster a sense of pride and identity among Belizeans, while educating visitors and further fulfilling NICH’s mandate to promote Belizean Culture. Our Houses of Culture play a vital role in safeguarding Belize’s cultural legacy and ensuring it remains a living, evolving part of the nation’s identity. They collaborate with local educational institutions, Government Councils, NGOs and business establishments to develop and implement programs reflective of the culture of their communities.

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