Winners of the Belize Culture Fund, March 2024

The Belize Culture Fund is a small-grants programme administered by the National Institute of Culture and History under the Ministry of Education Culture Science and Technology. The Belize Culture Fund (BCF) was re-launched on December 5, 2023, as part of the NICH@20 initiative. BCF aims to protect and safeguard Belize’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage and promotes the growth of the expressive arts and creative industry. 

The National Institute of Culture and History is proud to announce that out of forty-seven (47) applications, eleven (11) were selected for this years cycle of the Belize Culture Fund. 

The eleven (11) grants and winners that were awarded are as follows: 

  • The Safeguarding at Risk Living Heritage Grant ($3000) – Mr. Wilford Felix: Kungo Bram Project. 
  • The Creative Innovation Grant ($3000) – Mr. David Smith: Inspire Academy Initiative for Animation Development 
  • The Digital Archaeology Grant ($3000) – Mr. Antonio Beardall: Preserving the Past for the Future with Digital Archaeology Workshop
  • The Making Museums Vibrant Grant ($3000) – Ms. Lucia Ellis: Ancestral Veneration and Sacred Spaces Exhibition 
  • The NICH Dynamic Grant ($4000) – Mrs. Gloria Cruz: After-School Art Program for kids and youths of Roaring Creek Village. 
  • NICH Dynamic Micro Grant ($2000) – Claver College Extension Night School: Talking Art to the People Exhibition
  • NICH Dynamic Micro Grant ($2000) – Ethan Velasquez: DYFA International Sisira Shaka Competition and Sisira Workshop 
  • NICH Dynamic Micro Grant ($2000) – Katherine Karas: To Granny’s House We Go Exhibition 
  • NICH Dynamic Micro Grant ($2000) – Pablo Cambranes: Culture for Tomorrow Murals 
  • NICH Dynamic Micro Grant ($2000) – Reginald Hamilton: Improve & Advance in Machinery for Herbal Medicine Products
  • NICH Dynamic Micro Grant ($2000) – Yaoling Lee: An Art project with ‘Urban Sketching Belize City in Watercolor”

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