Digitizing Belize’s Archaeological Heritage 

In Belize, the institute of Archaeology (IA) has entered a new realm of archaeology education. The IA has made it our goal to bring archaeology into the digital world through our 3D modeling of artifacts and architecture. By integrating 3D modeling of artifacts, they’re unlocking new insights into the country’s ancient past and transforming how we study and preserve archaeological treasures.

With 3D modeling, fragile artifacts can be meticulously preserved in virtual space, safeguarding them for future generations. But the benefits go beyond preservation – researchers can now delve deeper into the details of each artifact, revealing hidden stories and shedding light on ancient civilizations.  Through this approach, the IA can bring artifacts into a new educational setting. Students all over Belize can view and manipulate artifacts in a digital world that will undoubtedly bring learning about Belize’s national collection out from the average paper. By capturing detailed digital replicas of objects unearthed from archaeological sites, researchers can now preserve fragile artifacts in virtual space, safeguarding them from the ravages of time and environmental degradation. 

It is our hope that through this project, generations now and to come may be inspired to learn about archaeology in the digital world. With digital reconstruction the IA is one step closer in working to preserve the past for the future.  

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