Belize Announces September Celebrations Theme: “A Nation Proud and Free: Belize @ 43”

On June 5th, the National Celebrations Commission revealed the theme for this year’s festivities: “A Nation Proud and Free: Belize @ 43.” The National Celebrations Commission is supported by the National Institute of Culture and History and is chaired by the Hon. Francis Fonseca, Minister of Culture.

This year’s theme reflects the national spirit as Belize approaches its 43rd anniversary of independence. It’s a celebration of the country’s history, culture, and resilience.

September in Belize is a vibrant time. The country will be engaged in public lectures, parades, street festivals, cultural performances, and traditional music.

Want to join the celebrations? Here are some ideas:

  • Find local events: Our city and town councils often have September celebration schedules. Look for flag raisings, cultural events, and concerts!
  • Show your Belizean pride: Belizean colors are everywhere in September! Wear your favorite Belizean outfit or decorate your home with red, white, and blue.
  • Learn about Belize: September is a perfect time to explore Belizean history and culture. Visit a museum, attend a cultural presentation, or interview elders about the history of Belize.

Whether you are a Belizean local or a visitor experiencing the celebrations, our National Celebrations promises a unique and memorable time. Let’s celebrate Belize’s freedom and embrace the future.

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